On this page you’ll find loads of resources to help get you started on your journey towards rights-based practice. They are all based on workshops that we carry out in schools and are designed to be simple, straightforward and child-friendly.

The Wee Book of Promises

Designed as a small gatefold booklet, the Children’s Parliament’s Wee Book of Promises communicates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) using accessible language. The booklet is used in all of Children’s Parliament’s work and Members of Children’s Parliament receive a copy when they participate in our projects and consultations.

The booklet includes promises from adults to children, to make sure children have the basic things that they need to thrive and flourish. 


Dignity Self-Assesment Tool

This is a simple self-assessment tool that can be used with both adults and children in school to help you discover your strengths and areas that may need a bit more support when it comes to rights-based practice.

The tool involves two questionnaires, one for adults and one for children. It will guide you through how to carry out the questionnaires, how to analyse your results and what your next steps could be as a result.

Workshop Guides

Download session packs and templates to make your own dignometers!

Download the session pack with the template included


We’d love your opinion on how useful these resources were for you and if there are any improvements we can make as we build our resource library.