Dignity in School

Dignity in School:
A hub for rights based practice

Welcome to the Hub!

Children’s Parliament is working with partners to build the capacity of primary schools to take a children’s rights-based approach and become hubs of human rights practice. By adopting a rights-based approach, schools help to make rights real for children by ensuring that their dignity is upheld.  

The Hub is a work in progress, please keep coming back to keep up to date as the programme develops, learn about rights based practice and use our free resources to develop your own rights based practice.

Let’s make primary schools the home for human rights practice and the advancement of childrens’s human dignity that we know they can be. 

Starter Pack

Do you want to implement a children’s rights approach in your classroom?

Start here!

A step-by-step guide on how to make sure that your classroom space has rights at the heart of it.


Search our resource database to find everything you need to kickstart or continue your Dignity in School journey!

Introductory tools

Our introductory tools establish you with knowledge of the UNCRC and the basics of Dignity in School.

Session Plans

The session plans provide you with step by step workshops to explore dignity with children. These delve into areas such as wellbeing, equality and equity, language and relationships.


These resources help you focus on how to implement a rights based approach to planning and policies, the structural side to ensuring dignity in school.

Dignity Forum

The Dignity Forum is a space for learning and discussion of a children’s rights approach. Here, you can meet practitioners who are part of our projects or Unfearties who are keen learn more about a rights approach.

We meet online on the last Thursday of the month at 15.45,  to chat, network and learn about best practice from each other and special guests! We would love to see you there, fill in your email below to get an invite.

'Dignity in School means children's voices are heard'

P6 Learner at Redwell Primary School

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