Dignity Cards

At St John’s, we thought about what skills and characteristics we need to uphold and defend children’s rights. We made a deck of Dignity character cards and then thought about they might be played.

Play snap with them below!

[magicards thumbsize="large" col="3" updown="0" description="0" ids="1153,1154,1155,1156,1157,1158,1159,1160,1161,1162,1163,1164,1165,1166,1167,1168,1169,1170,1171,1172,1173,1174,1175,1176" num="9" share="0" onecard="0" noshuffle="0" notoggle="0" backface="1005"]

We came up with many ways we could play with the cards, these included:


Allow all the players to read the cards. Turn all the cards over, facing down. One player turns a card over, they must act out the character they see on the card. The other players must guess which character they are acting out.

Another variation is to get into pairs and as a team act out a card at random. Every other person has to try and guess!


Take each card and look at the bottom box where the skills are listed.  Out of 100, give each characteristic a score. All these scores should add up to 100. Discuss why you decided to give each characteristic a certain score. Then as a group, decide how these will be ‘traded’ or ‘collected’. One idea is to play them like ‘Top Trumps’.