Worry Butterflies


In our self-assement questionnaire children at St Johns told us that sometimes they are worried at school. Children have told us that when child feels sad, stressed and angry it is really important for them to speak to someone they trust. This could be a friend, a parent or a teacher/ PSA. By not sharing a worry, this can lead to a child becoming more and more worried.   

Some of the P4s at St Johns worked with Jo to explore what worries children might have a school and who they could go to with these worries. Together we whispered worries that a child might have at school into our hands and trapped them inside a big bag of worries.  

Then we read a story together ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside. In the story we learned that the best thing to do with a worry is not to trap it in a bag at all! – but to share it.  

So one by one we picked a worry from our bag and transformed them into Worry Butterflies. 

On one wing you can see something a child might worry about at school and on the other wing someone they could speak to about their worry. 

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