Trash and Treasure Sharing

Trash & Treasure Sharing  

In the first session we spoke with the children about their learning Trashes and Learning Treasures to find out what things that children are enjoying learning at school and things that they are not enjoying and why. 

Here were some of their thoughts: 

Learning Trash:  

“I wrote down. People making fun of my work, because sometimes it makes me feel very depressed and makes me feel uncomfortable. And want to makes me want to quit learning and makes me just feel a bit sad and yeah.”  

Some other trashes: 

Worrying about getting the answer wrong 


When they shout  

When you have forgotten what you’re doing or saying 

When your friends don’t want to play your game  


Learning Treasure:  

“Learning being fun can really help you, because it feels like you’re not doing work, but you actually are and I think teachers should do a little bit more of that!”  

“Doing things we enjoy in school makes us happy and it makes us focus more.” 

Some other treasures: 

Friends helping you go through stuff 

Going into groups talking together 

Things to calm you down 

Being Creative  



Doing fun maths  

In the second session, the children reflected on some of their Trash and treasure with adults in their school and together came up with solutions for how adults in school can do more of the things they treasure or make some of the things they don’t enjoy better. They wrote these down on a big paper mâché jewel prop that the children created.  

Here’s what some of the adults pledged to do: 

I heard… 

“Children can panic when they get the answer wrong.” 

I will… 

“Try my best to help with a problem as much as I can and ensure you know that’s it’s not always about getting it right.” 

I heard… 

Children enjoy learning when teachers “mix things up a bit”.  – Different resources/ styles/ activities. 

 I will… 

Think about different ways of doing things. 

I heard… 

Children get distracted by noise within/outwith classroom. 

 I will… 

Play music quietly in the background. Be mindful of outside noise. 

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