Special Delivery from Aberdeen

The Primary 6s at St Johns worked with Jo to design some ‘Dignity in School’ Logos. You can see some of them all across our site 😀  

They designed their logos on postcards so they could be shared with the children at Stoneywood (the other School taking part in the project – from Aberdeen). On the back the P6s decided to write some positive messages for the children at Stoneywood. Like . . . . 

 “Something I can do to make other people feel their dignity is just simple things like a hug or to make people feel better” Genna  

“It is all fine. I can help you with anything that is going on” Payton  

“remember you are special just the way you are” Kate  

“Believe in yourself” Zofia  

“I hope one day I can see you and we can have a fun time together and play loads of games” Daniel  

“Something I can do to make other people feel their dignity is make sure they get a lot of support when they are struggling and be a trustworthy friend” Oscar  

In return the children from Stoneywood sent us some of their postcard logo designs! Now they are on Display at St Johns as a Special Delivery from Aberdeen 😀 

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