New Years Resolutions for Adults 

  1. Teachers give us more time to learn outside – we want to learn to grow things and have a garden. 
  1. Make a class drawing book. Children can draw in it when they finish their jobs, at the end of the year we will have a book of drawings we can share in the library. 
  1. PSA’s introduce us to other children who like the same things as us. This helps us to make friends, especially if someone is new to the school. 
  1. Take fun breaks in class to do things like art or to watch movies. This helps children to not feel stressed or overwhelmed. 
  1. Set up clubs or activities to do outside at break or lunch – like skipping, drawing at the table or a water station – this helps us make friends in other classes who like what we like. 
  1. Use the quiet room and the sensory room for children to calm down, that’s what they’re for. 
  1. Let children sit with friends in class, it helps us learn when we can ask each other questions. 
  1. We love drawing and P.E, let us do it more. It helps with our mental health. 
  1. Ask how we are when we get to school, you don’t know what we have been through in the morning. We like feelings check in or playing games at the start of the day. 
  1. If a child is running late for school, we might worry about getting into trouble, let us know it’s okay, you don’t need to rush! 

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