How we like to play and learn!

Dignity Dinosaur visited the Stoneywood nursery to find out where the children there like to play and learn.  

In the house corner we like to play with the baby and look after him. We like making food, cooking and being able to eat it. 

We took the dinosaur to the senses table and looked at it through the kaleidoscope toy. The table has things that make sounds we can listen to too.  

We use the cutters with Play DoH, we like to do this with friends. We also play together at the sand, we poured sand on the dinosaur! 

‘I like drawing my daddy and his beard’ at the art table. 

We sit together on the mat building our Lego, today we started to build our own dinosaur with the blocks. 

We like dressing up.

We showed the dinosaur our feelings mirror. You can look in and choose from the different feeling faces and choose how you feel that day. Today some people felt happy but someone felt angry too. 

Dignity Dinosaur went outside to our forest. 

We run around outside, there are rocks for climbing. 

We look for bugs in our bug bowl. Today we were building a door for them, there are spiders and sometimes slugs. 

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