Happiness Party

To celebrate World Childrens Day and Children’s parliament’s Birthday (which just so happen to be on the same week!) We had a day of party games at St Johns.  

The Primary 1s and Primary 3s played classic party games like musical bumps and of course we used the Children parliament birthday playlist to do all our dancing! You can listen to the playlist here:  

Since children’s rights are things that make children Safe, Healthy and Happy we drew pictures of all the things that make us happy. Here are some things that make Primary 1 feel happy  

When Mummy kisses me (Leo) 

Having a wee sister (Nathan) 

Having 2 brothers and 1 sister (Mason) 

Doing crafts (Sandie)  

Playing with my doggy (Saoirse)  

When my Mummy and Daddy are happy 

Playing LOL dolls (Hope) 

Picking flowers with Mummy (Valencia) 

Playing dinosaurs (Ander) 

Playing outside with my friends (Aniyah) 

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