Dignity Dinosaur

P3’s and P4’s at Stoneywood have been using paper mache to make a Dignity Dinosaur for their school! Dignity means important and special. Some of the things that make us feel important and special at school are: 

  • Doing meditation and yoga 
  • Friends make me feel important 
  • Playing and writing  
  • People being nice 
  • “Teachers teaching makes you feel special” 
  • Being with everyone, my friends and the whole class. 
  • “I like doing art because I get to choose what to do and it makes me feel happy.” 
  • “Having adults look over things for you.” 
  • Helping someone if they are hurt badly.  
  • Having your achievements celebrated. Having people know that you’ve done it makes you feel appreciated. 
  • Being picked for groups makes you feel important 
  • “If adults talk to you about things it makes you feel calmer and appreciated” 
  • When your class gives you a birthday card and know it’s your birthday 

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