Digital Design Panel  

Our Digital Design Panel have been learning all about how to make a website by collaborating with our own web-designer and tech wizard, Frances and some pupils from Stoneywood.  

These P6 pupils have been testing out and reviewing the hub. Then they pitched ideas for how to make the hub even better.   

This week the Digital Design Panel have been working on ideas for a calm space on the hub. They want a place on the hub where children can go if they feel worried at school.  

To think of some ideas we tried out some calming techniques together and drew pictures of some of our own techniques.  

Here are the things we tried together:  

Mindfulness  – Our panel think this is a great way to calm children “if they’re a bit hyper”. They sometimes practice mindfulness with their teachers in class.  

Kumihimo Braids – This is a creative way to de-stress and our panel think it is much better than scrolling on social media  

And some of the ideas we came up with for  

Count to 10  

Figit toys 

Read a book 

Punch a pillow 

Scream into a pillow 

Draw or paint  

Listen to calm music 

Going on a walk  

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