Celebrating Children – Rosettes

“We were celebrating International Children’s Day. We made rosettes, they were ideas for what children should be celebrated for like kindness, responsibility and honesty and things like that. The rosettes were my favourite part because they were really fun to do because the colours were really cool and I got to write our school values.” (Compassion, Justice, Wisdom, Integrity.) P5 MCP.

The children came up with an incredible list of things that should be celebrated about children and what they would want to be celebrated for:  

Going to school, Learning, Being ourselves, Helping others, Outside achievements, Being kind to others, Being fair, Being The future generation, Being kind to the environment, Our Work, Imagination, Our ideas, Choices, Interests, Sexuality, Religions + Beliefs, Birthday, Talents, Nationalities, Achievements, What makes us unique, Personalities, Ideas, Effort, Our Voice, Acts of Kindness. 


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