Thing we enjoyed in 2021

Having a new teacher who can comfort you Making new friends Playing with new friends Trying new things Seeing family

Celebrating Children – Rosettes

“We were celebrating International Children’s Day. We made rosettes, they were ideas for what children should be celebrated for like kindness, responsibility and honesty and things like that. The rosettes were my favourite part because they were really fun to do because the colours were really cool and I got to write our school values.” […]

Animation time

We are P4/5 at Stoneywood. We have been doing animations of models we made. They were about how we could make school more joyful.  We talked about no bullying and about no one being mean. A joyful school is a place where happiness is waiting at the front door and everyone is safe!  We liked making the models and getting our ideas […]

How we like to play and learn!

Dignity Dinosaur visited the Stoneywood nursery to find out where the children there like to play and learn.   In the house corner we like to play with the baby and look after him. We like making food, cooking and being able to eat it.  We took the dinosaur to the senses table and looked at it through the kaleidoscope toy. The table has things […]

Dignity Dinosaur

P3’s and P4’s at Stoneywood have been using paper mache to make a Dignity Dinosaur for their school! Dignity means important and special. Some of the things that make us feel important and special at school are:  Doing meditation and yoga  Friends make me feel important  Playing and writing   People being nice  “Teachers teaching makes you feel special”  Being […]