Peaceful Playground 

At St Johns we’ve been exploring positive relationships at school. Today Primary 6A took Jo to all of the places in their playground where they feel especially ‘safe’, ‘ready to play’ and ‘respected’.   Special Shout Out for Mrs McFarlane – two of the children decided they wanted their flags to go on their PSA because […]

Relationship Towers

These Primary 7s presented their learning from the Relationship Tower workshop to the St Johns steering group. They spoke about all of the things they did during the workshop, the decisions they made and how it had an impact on them.   After their presentation they gave every member of the steering group a Zine full […]

Digital Design Panel  

Our Digital Design Panel have been learning all about how to make a website by collaborating with our own web-designer and tech wizard, Frances and some pupils from Stoneywood.   These P6 pupils have been testing out and reviewing the hub. Then they pitched ideas for how to make the hub even better.    This week the […]

Dignity Dinosaur  

Did you know that dinosaurs love sand? That’s what Beth and Jo found out when they visited the Nursery at St Johns with Dignity the Dinosaur!   We played games together and Dignity told everyone about the meaning of their name   ‘it means important and special – just like every human is!’   The children showed Dignity […]

It’s Good to be Me Rosettes

Elise in P7A had the brilliant idea of finding more ways to celebrate children in school for all the things that make them who they are   Elise really enjoyed when the school took part in ‘It’s Good to be Me’ Day and wanted to include more of this attitude day to day at school and celebrate all […]

School Tour Film Making

What do you do when Covid restrictions stop new children and their families visiting the school? At St Johns the Primary 7s took on the challenge to create a tour of the school ONLINE! They have created this fantastic video tour that can be seen here on the school website:

Special Delivery from Aberdeen

The Primary 6s at St Johns worked with Jo to design some ‘Dignity in School’ Logos. You can see some of them all across our site 😀   They designed their logos on postcards so they could be shared with the children at Stoneywood (the other School taking part in the project – from Aberdeen). On the back the […]

Happiness Party

To celebrate World Childrens Day and Children’s parliament’s Birthday (which just so happen to be on the same week!) We had a day of party games at St Johns.   The Primary 1s and Primary 3s played classic party games like musical bumps and of course we used the Children parliament birthday playlist to do all our dancing! […]

It’s the latest card game sweeping the school – Children’s Rights Heros!

Spider man has his webs   Wonder woman has her lasso of truth  BUT what makes a Children’s Rights Hero?   That’s what P6 were investigating with Frances and Jo in our playing card making workshop  We decided a Children’s Rights Hero might have…   A joke machine   A sword of rights  A cape of kindness   A […]

Worry Butterflies

  In our self-assement questionnaire children at St Johns told us that sometimes they are worried at school. Children have told us that when child feels sad, stressed and angry it is really important for them to speak to someone they trust. This could be a friend, a parent or a teacher/ PSA. By not sharing a worry, this can […]